Software Development

Software Development

Personalizing technology to bring your vision to life.
Organized. Optimized. Uncomplicated.
Our mission is to design technology with the human in mind. At Salvo Software, we specialize in customized software development for small to medium-sized businesses seeking to optimize application development and catalyze growth.

Dedicated Development Teams

Our experienced development teams are dedicated to making your project their first priority. Advanced knowledge in specialized subjects ensures quality work with quicker production times. Communication is made simple as you can speak directly with your team throughout the course of development.

International Pricing

Our office is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, USA, and all of our work is completed in-house. Though we are also a nearshoring company with a second office located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. This means that you get the same services you would expect from an American software firm without the hefty price tag. Beyond being far less expensive than most U.S.-based development companies, near-shoring within similar time zones allows for same-day communication, while gaining several hours of urgent development time per-day between offices. With an entirely bilingual team of employees, there are no language barriers that might disrupt workflow.

Tech Partnerships

Finding a Tech Partner to manage your software development may be a better option than hiring from an outside agency. Our crew brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, which saves you time and money by reducing overlapping research. You can trust that your Tech Partner has your best interests in mind.
Tech Companies
White-label partnerships, production ebb and flow, and cost savings
Software for Vehicles
OEM Infotainment, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, and automotive protocols.
Online Retailers
Inventory management, e-commerce, and custom dashboards.
Novel ideas, scaling and growth.

From Startups to Enterprises

Software Development Services

Personalizing technology to bring your vision to life. Whether you have an innovative idea or believe that you can enhance an existing product – we are here to help. At Salvo Software, we strive to offer unique solutions and process flexibility that you won’t find anywhere else.
EAS is software that integrates your entire organization into one platform. ERPs, CRMs, HRMs, IT, PM, BI, and more work coherently on a single system. If you have existing applications already in use, we can help integrate them into a custom EAS or recommend an existing EAS solution that you can migrate to with our assistance.
Web apps are gaining popularity as they can be used on any operating system with a web browser. Native applications like mobile apps still have their place as they are optimized for the platforms on which they run, but progressive and responsive web apps are a great way to reach a larger audience without having to create multiple systems.
We have engineers skilled in implementing and managing cloud systems like AWS and Azure. For most small and medium-sized businesses, cloud computing is more cost-effective and secure than using dedicated servers.
Blockchain is a technology that provides a securely irrefutable ledger of digital transactions. Many companies use blockchain to speed up transactions and promote integrity within their organization. Beyond being extremely secure and efficient, blockchain creates a permanent record of each transaction, so anything can be traced to its source and destination.
IoT devices are physical “things” that are connected to a network via embedded technology. Examples include lighting fixtures, security cameras, and smart appliances that can all be controlled from your smartphone. With experience in each stage of IoT development, including firmware, software, and data management, we can work with your product design teams to make any “thing” in your life “smart”.
The goal of UI /UX is to create something simple to understand and operate, while ensuring an enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing experience for the user. Although it is not the core function of the application, the importance of having quality UI /UX is often the difference between success and failure in your product. We have skilled front-end developers with proven success records in designing for the user in mind.
Our support service provides solutions to keep your business and applications running smoothly. Bug fixes, remote troubleshooting, documentation / API cleanup, QA/QC, and testing are some of the services that our support team provides.
Firmware is the programming that runs embedded hardware. Engineers that do this low-level programming have to be intimately familiar with the technologies being used including device drivers, IO protocols, and chipset architectures. We have experts in embedded firmware engineering that can help you design your product from the inside-out, or refactor an existing product to perform better.
The automotive industry is becoming increasingly tech-savvy with infotainment software platforms like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. If you’re trying to get your auto technology moving you need experts in the field that can help you navigate the complexities of vehicle related software.

Frequently Asked Questions

We assist you with growing your business through your own team of dedicated developers, at a price lower than what you would pay if you hired internally. You are allowed complete access to monitor the status of your software throughout the course of development.

We follow the Agile development methodology. This gives you a working prototype at every phase of the development process, with new features being added along the way until the product is complete. Getting feedback from all involved parties at each stage of development sets clear expectations for everyone, and allows each team to adjust uniformly to any changes. This prevents future delays and minimizes risk.

We offer QA and support services after the initial development launch to keep things running smoothly. From feature tweaks to bug reports, our team is available everyday for ongoing support post-launch.

Please fill out our contact form here. Upon receiving your message we will contact you to schedule an initial project brief. Once we understand the details behind your project, we commence researching, planning, and preparation of the recommended statement of work.

Yes. We follow all standard documentation practices and keep you informed every step of the way. Each line of code developed for you is under your ownership and can be transferred to your database. Often our customers choose to have us continue as their dedicated software development team even after their project launches. We save our clients money and mold our processes to best suit their needs through maximizing productivity with our internal development team.

We do not share your private data with anyone outside of our company, and ensure that your information is safe with us.